Monday, April 5, 2010

we dont sell to minors"

how do kids even know what to write about anymore.
we think we're living our lives as adults live theres.
we absolutely beleive that we should be trusted
in that sense as, being trusted with strangers, parties,
underage drinking, the time we're told to be home,
we think we're smart.
our own little bullshit stories we make up 5 minutes before we walk in the door to our worried mother.
blaming the can of alcohol and cigarretes on our older siblings.
we try to grow up so fast.
where adulthood is a drug, and is made legal to 18 years and over for a reason.
once we grab a taste of this, nobody can stop it.

it is a disease which ruins young ones hearts
sends them into a deep whole of greed, hatred, and then depression.

we think we're ready.
we try to grab hold of as many aspects as possible.
but we are only ever fooling ourselves

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