Wednesday, April 21, 2010

213 words

everbody seems so rushed lately.
people set themselves goals.
the more aspiring actually attempt to achieve these goals.
and in that sense, have a sense of bliss upon achieving them
whatever they may be

Myself, on the other hand
i have no goals, no aspirations.
allthough i feel like im going nowhere in life.
i wouldnt give it up, for i feel like im carefree.

allthough its getting harder now.
schooling is pushing me to push myself
and the reality of reality is bearing down on me.
but i still feel like i dont need any of it.

i feel sorry for the people who are always "looking" for something.
i guess its only human for someone to always seek for something.
but allthough i try to escape from reality
i know enough about reality too understand, that we are all human.
our mistakes, our thoughts, especially our feelings.
feelings, for example, love.

people are overun by this.
it changes people in every single way possible.
their prioties, decisions, the will to live.

i know enough about love to not be afraid of it.
but i still run away from it. ive grown cynical of it.
i guess ive grown tired of the typical teenage routine of it.

but we are all human.

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