Monday, May 10, 2010


so, this whole time, not meaning a short period of a year
im meaning my whole life.
i never really understood why i wasnt so understanding of alot.
not meaning cryptic things, but normal things like what people say and write.

mum had been talking to me about it, and i think i can confirm it now.
she says i have auditory processing syndrome.
its where its hard for me to process/understand things being said or written
i didnt believe her at first, but since ive got this job, it seems to make sense.
no, it doesnt mean im retarded. if anybodys reading, just search it on google.

it kind of makes me scared, it had been affecting me my whole life.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

country ladle

its all in my head,
if you want, you can look inside
theres nothing but red
and all the mess ive been
its in the the way,
i say what i dont mean and mean what i dont.
i need to speak of you.